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Teryl Worster

What is your passion?

My passion lies in a deep desire to educate and provide inspiration to others to care for and honor the vehicles that carry their precious souls around the earth. 😇 Support Wellness!!!

Why do you love this community?

I love this community because of its philanthropic values and it’s family nature. When my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in 2011, the entire community pulled together to support our family. I’ll never stop appreciating that as she is alive and well now with a legacy of her own🙏

Why go the extra mile for it?

Because life is a gift and should be honored! Shouldn’t it?

How in the world do you juggle family and pandemic and still find that fire to serve?

Service is who we are as human beings, we were all designed to serve and when we accept any excuse not to, pandemic included ; It must be unacceptable for any of us. There are many ways to serve, our world depends on it from all of us no matter our beliefs❤️

Where does the fire come from?

It comes from experience in life and a deep sense of appreciation and love for God🌎

Who inspires you and why?

I’m inspired as I said by my mother as my first source of inspiration growing up, but in general I am inspired by acts of kindness that I see everyday, even in the darkest of times…. being inspired by the light keeps your vision sharp always. We should all support random acts of kindness now more than ever 🙏

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