Our Stories

Fox Gradin

What is your passion?

My life as well as my passions are multifaceted.

My goal is to leave pockets of magic and whimsy and boldness in people’s lives.  I hope that my public art inspires people when I’m not even there. I hope the kids that I teach and interact with look back on their time with me as proof that they can be who they are, freely and unapologetically, especially when times get rough for them.  I want the public events that I’ve led, or changed, or rekindled to be remembered as a time when my community came together for fun and beautiful memories with each other.

When I photograph people, it’s not just a picture, it’s a way to see themselves in a different light. When I teach dance or perform, I want people to see the love that radiates from my soul onto the dance floor and I want them to hear the stories that I’m telling. My studio is a place to find yourself and kinship with others through creativity.  When people walk into the door of my studio, I want them to walk out without the self doubt that they came in with.

I’m here to put the fire back in people’s lives, because I have plenty to spare.  My mind is constantly racing with ideas and energy and creative light.  It’s with me all the time and I can’t get it out into the universe fast enough.  It’s important to me that I help others see that in themselves.  I shake things up until people move.

Why do you love this community?

I love this community because I’ve seen the very best in it.  I’m committed to help make it a place where everyone belongs in his or her own way, and where no one feels alone.

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