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Girl Power 2020

Girl Power 2020 #substancefreeme

Girl Power is a free, half-day workshop for middle and high school girls and the women who love them. Girl Power 2020 is #substancefreeme – showing girls why it matters to stay substance free!

Girl Power 2020

Girl power 2020 is an exciting opportunity for the community to come together and invest in teenage girls. Groups and organizations that represent Northeast Georgia have joined forces to show these middle and high school girls the resources that are available to them for making healthy life choices, especially with substance use and abuse (Girl Power committee members listed below!). Navigating this world can be difficult and substance abuse is a hard reality. Investing in the women of tomorrow secures a better future for our teens today and for women as a whole. All participants attend at no cost! 

Girl Power 2020 will be a fun opportunity for students from all over Northeast Georgia to meet one another and see all of the things they have in common. They also will have the opportunity to learn different tactics to avoid potentially damaging situations and be able to recognize toxicunsafe environments. Girl Power 2020 will help build young women’s confidence to know how to handle tough situations with healthy solutions and positive resources to empower them as they grow into young adults. We do not want our teenage girls to feel alone. WomenSource actively plays a role in keeping the difficult conversations going so teen girls know we see them and we support them


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Thank you to the Event Sponsors Halski Systems, Wilheit Packaging, Main Street Financial, and Northeast Georgia Health System, along with our breakfast sponsor McDonalds, and lunch sponsor Chick-Fil-A!
Thank you to many of you who already individually donated. Every $50 raised pays for one young woman or one chaperone to attend. If you want to contribute to this fantastic educational event and invest in local women,  click the link to contribute to WomenSource!

Pictures from Girl Power 2019

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