Girl Power 2024: No Filter.

Date: March 16, 2024

Time: 9:00 am - 1:00pm

Girl Power is a free half-day event for 6th-12th grade girls and the women who love them. Girl Power will be held at the Gainesville High School. Sign up below for Girl Power 2024 where participants will learn from business women in the community. Local entrepreneurs will share their business knowledge and breakout sessions will teach all who attend about different topics to empower young women. This year’s theme is No Filter, and our keynote speaker is Nosleivys Falcon.

Nosleivys Falcón’s vivacious and friendly personality has helped her endure many challenges,
growing up in a communist country with almost every scarcity imaginable did not stop her from
achieving the “American Dream.” At age 14, along with her mother, brother, and a group of 20
others, got on a raft to cross the Caribbean Sea in pursuit of a better life in the US. In 1995,
after six months awaiting asylum in a refugee camp in Guantanamo Bay, Mrs. Falcón started
her life as an immigrant in Miami, Florida.

Although her high school years were filled with the typical growing pains of adolescence, Mrs.
Falcón also had to overcome the challenges of learning a new language, culture, and way of
life. As the daughter of a single immigrant mother with nowhere to turn for support, graduating
high school and going to college were not priorities for her. After barely graduating high school
in Miami, Mrs. Falcón decided not to attend college, but continued working, and later moved to
Gainesville, Georgia where life became even tougher due to not speaking English proficiently,
nor having any experience with the culture of “the Deep South.” However, through inner
resilience and the motivation to make a better life, Mrs. Falcón decided to go to college as a
23-year-old single mom of two small children. After ten years of personal development, growth,
and hard work, she graduated from Brenau University with a bachelor’s degree in Early
Childhood Education, and a master’s in Organizational Leadership.

As a long-time resident of Gainesville-Hall County, Mrs. Falcon has been an educator for over
20 years. During her career, she has been a Head Start teacher of three- and four-year-olds, a
preschool director at Smart Starts Day School, an elementary school teacher at World
Language Academy, and a Spanish teacher at Johnson High School. Mrs. Falcón is now
Director of The Hub at Gainesville High School, where she focuses on student and family
success through school and community support and collaboration. Mrs. Falcón believes it takes
a village to raise a child and that every child has the innate desire and ability to succeed and
achieve their dreams. They just need the support and encouragement of everyone around them.

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