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Why We Exist

WomenSource is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit formed in response to a community needs assessment commissioned by the United Way of Hall County in 2007. While a number of effective women’s support programs existed in the community, results from the assessment revealed a need for a channel that could improve the current systems through the coordination and expansion of existing programs. WomenSource began as a way for women in northeast Georgia to discover what resources are available to them in our area and how they can best utilize those resources to gain success and thrive in their lives.

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Our Mission

WomenSource provides educational programming to empower women. We help women thrive.

What We Do

WomenSource provides regular programming as a way to educate and connect women with one another in order to help women feel empowered. Serving women of all ages, backgrounds, races, and socioeconomic levels in northeast Georgia, we see a truly diverse group of women at our programs. Participants’ life stages range from women whose full-time focus is raising children to mothers who also work full time outside of the home to women who are midway into their work life to women who are retired. We also see women from various cultures and social backgrounds, and as we remain a non-political or religious organization, we also see women from all sorts of belief systems. WomenSource provides a safe place for all women to gather to learn from and connect with one another through our educational programming. Our programs range in degree of substance and frequency so that women can learn and enjoy their experience with WomenSource.

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